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Here is the sizing chart link to better assist you.

Just a note regarding catalogs, Manufacturers are no longer making catalogs available for customer shipments.á All our catalogs are see as online items, and we make every effort to ensure that they are up to date.á Due to the difference in monitors, video cards and screen resolutions, not all colors will be viewed the same.

We are constantly updating our site as new Manufacturers are added. Although most sizing is Universal, it does help when ordering to see if there are any differences between Manufacturers.

Scrubs tend to be larger in size than regular clothing, because of the nature of your work, air flow is important, so manufacturers tend to take this into account when making them. Look at your existing pair of scrubs/lab coat for the current sizing, that may vary between Manufactures, but at least you have an idea on whether your items are numeric or universal sizing.

Depending on the shoe Manufacturer, sizing can be in European, United States and United Kingdom sizes. For Customers who have never purchased shoes via Mail Order before, we cannot stress enough the importance of the following:

If you are unsure of what your true size is, go into a shoe store at the end of your day when you have been on your feet all day and have your feet measured for both size and width. That is when your feet are their true size, they are tired and most probably swollen, this is when you want your shoes to be kind to you, nothing feels worse than tight fitting shoes when our feet most need comfort and support.

Still unsure, then take a look in your closet at your existing shoes, if you have shoes that are different in sizing due to different Manufacturers, choose the largest size you have.

Shoes may be returned for an exchange or refund so long as they have never been worn, except to have tried them on. Do not cut any tags or stickers that have been placed on them. Please view our policy on Returns.