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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info :

We are pleased to offer more than just Ground delivery within the USA. We can now
offer Overnight, Second and Third Day Delivery. If orders are made before 10am EST,
most Manufacturers try to get your order out that day, however, its not guaranteed.
Air shipments usually take 24 hours before they leave any warehouse.

The cost of express shipping prices around the United States will have the following
prices added to the cost of the ground shipment totals. Overnight - approximately
$32.00 Second Day - approximately $12.00 and 3 Day - approximately $9.00

These charges are only an approximate as the cost of the shipping depends on how
large the package is, and therefore may fall under dimentional weight. All USA orders
are shipped from either our Office or the Manufacturer direct using the UPS, Fedex
or the Postal Service. Delivery time on any of our Ground orders is generally 15
business days from the time you place your order, unless the item is on back order,
then a longer time period will occur should you choose to continue with your order.

For customers applying for embroidery on your items, please note, once in the Embroidery
department, there is no way to check on its status until the work is complete and
your order ships. (Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and Holidays).

Due to the large and diverse inventory of all the Manufacturers we represent, we
do not always carry stock and therefore have the items sent to our office for shipment
onto our customers. We have no guarantee that any or all orders will be delivered
in the estimated time frame, but 15 business days on Ground delivery is what we have

Returns :

Please note:á It has been brought to our attention that some Customers don't care
about how they return their purchases. When orders are sent, they are neatly folded
either in bags or without, and all we ask is that you return them in the same manner
in which you received them in.á Please follow the crease lines and button the items
back up.á We have had to professionally launder some items so that they can be entered
back into inventory for future sales.á Please consider your fellow shopper, thank

We cannot accept any apparel that has been altered, washed, dry cleaned or embroidered
or stained due to trying items on by the buyer.

Items may be returned for a refund within 30 days of receipt of delivery - minus
any shipping charges incurred when the items were initially shipped. Items being
exchanged will incure new shipping charges.

Please use our Contact Form to make arrangements for items to be sent back for either
a credit or an exchange, items not pre-arranged with our office will not be accepted.

Regardless of the method you choose to ship your items back to our office, please
ensure that you purchase insurance and a tracking number, so that in the event they
go missing enroute to our office, you won't be out of pocket. Please ship your pre-approved
shipment back to this address:

Central Shop LLC
12555 Collins Ave, Suite 962
North Miami, Fl 33181