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Shipping Outside Of Lower 48

Aloha Forwarding takes care of all addresses outside of the Lower 48 that have a US zip code. Please call and set up a Free Account, acquire your address and then place it into your order, or if you have already placed your order, e-mail us with your order number and the new address information so that your order can be sent there. They use Priority Mail at a discounted rate, with happy customers!

Since most of our orders are drop shipped direct from the Manufacturers, they either don't ship outside of the Lower 48, or they ship via their Fedex/UPS accounts, and the costs are way too high, and time frame is too long. We found a better, less expensive solution for you.

Use Aloha Forwarding, or if you have your own packaging forwarding company, please use their address instead in your order. Hint:: If you like their service, don't forget to add your new address to your funding source, that way, its a confirmed address when you buy online.
Aloha Forwarding
13345 Old Highway 99 SE
Tenino, WA 98589
253-210-2717 or 877-992-9494

We are not affiliated with Aloha Forwarding, we are only recommending that you try their services as we cannot facilitate Shipping to any US zip code outside of the Lower 48. 

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