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Remedy Nutrashield Protective Skin Protectant 4oz

For substantial skin protection against moisture.

Invisible shield protects skin and relieves dryness
Nutrashield provides an effective, long-lasting moisture barrier against incontinent episodes while relieving dryness, abrasion or denuded skin. An advanced silicone system allows Nutrashield to last up to five washings, yet it remains semi-permeable and non-occlusive. This versatility is unique to silicones and not obtained by petrolatum-based barriers.

Protects against moisture loss
Nutrashield protects against e-TEWL by sealing in the moisture and creating a more favorable environment for healthy skin. Ideal for patients with very dry skin.

CHG and latex-friendly
Like Remedy Skin Repair Cream, Nutrashield is CHG and latex-friendly.

Safer in oxygen-rich environments
Comparative tests against petrolatum-based products show that Remedy products are significantly less prone to ignite in high oxygen environments.

Other recommended products:
Begin the cleansing process with any Remedy cleansing product. Apply Nutrashield as needed.

Applying Remedy Nutrashield
Cleanse skin with Remedy Cleansing Lotion or
Body Cleanser, or similar product.
Apply Nutrashield to intact or excoriated skin until
entire area is covered.
Reapply as needed.

  • Model: MSC094534H
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  • Manufactured by: Medline

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